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Health Information Exchange Services

Call us to do an assessment. (800) 409-0096

Setup an Health Information Exchange: Meaningful Use Experts can help you to setup an HIE, regionally or locally, in partnership with other healthcare and government entities. We provide the following services:

  • Meet with the stakeholders wanting to setup an HIE and assess your data needs for geographical coverage, bandwidth allotted and security requirements.
  • Connect your healthcare community with a fast, secure HIE.
  • Share data and insights with hospitals, research centers, and other physicians.
  • Access nationwide prescription data.
  • Empower your decision making by having current up-to-date, relevant health data at your fingertips.

HL7 Interface Solutions: We can also help your practice to connect with  local HIE's or to local Public Health Organizations or with your legacy applications by creating custom HL7 interfaces from your current EHR.

Call us to do an assessment. We have the expert IT and Healthcare specialists who can make this happen quickly and effectively. Call 1-800-409-0096.





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