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Medi-Cal has approved funding to support Providers for three more years in reaching Meaningful Use of their Electronic Health Record Systems (EHR). Expert no cost support is now available for both Primary Care Providers and Specialists. Medi-Cal has awarded these grant funds to be dispersed through CalOptima and Object Health in Orange County. As a CalOptima and Object Health partner, e2o Health is supporting the enrollment of local providers.

• Total percentage of Provider’s patients must be 30% Medi-Cal, Pediatricians 20%
• Eligible Providers must adopt (CEHRT) Certified Electronic Health Record
  Technology and work toward Meaningful Use

Services Available to Providers:
• Guidance registering for the EHR Incentive Program
• AIU Attestation Support
• Ongoing Meaningful Use Support from MU Expert
• Guidance in connecting to a Health Information Exchange (HIE)
• Meaningful Use Attestation

For additional information on the program and the opportunity to enroll for free support, please contact Kelly Carter, Director of Provider Relations at e2o Health. (800) 409-0096 ext. 212

Grant-funded support slots are limited. Complete the form below and fax back to reserve space.
Contact name:___________________ Email:___________________ Title:__________________
Contact Phone:__________________ Organization Name:_____ _________________
Number of Providers:__________ EHR Incentive Program:_____Medi-Cal _____MediCare
List Specialties within Practice:_____________________________________________________
Fax completed form to: (800) 326-0215





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