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January Webinar Wednesday - Followup

If you weren't able to attend the January 20th Webinar Wednesday and would like to view it, click on the link below to register and a link to the webinar will be sent to your email.

Watch Recording of Planning for 2016 Quality Programs (MU, PQRS)

To view the pdf slides from the webinar, click on January Webinar Wednesday

Frequently Asked Questions:

The following questions were addressed and answered following the webinar:

1. Whom should we contact for FREE Grant based Support for providers in California? 

Kelly Carter. (800-409-0096)

2. What are the timelines for PQRS Submissions:

The deadline for PQRS submissions is 2/29/2016 for Qualified Clinical Registries and EHR Vendor Submissions.


3. What is the deadline for filing Hardship Exceptions for 2015 Meaningful Use Program?



4. Is there a way to check if CMS has sent a letter on MU and PQRS Payment Adjustments to our clinic?

For MU, the number to call would be: 1-888-734-6433.  OR for PQRS you can call the QualityNet Help Desk 1-866-288-8912 or via email at

5. If I send my PQRS by Claims do I still have to log onto a portal and attest the numbers for providers?


6. Can you still apply for the MU Hardship if you attested and didn't pass the attestation?

Please go over the hardship application and maybe there is an option for you to choose. You can find the hardship application on the link below:



7. Is CECity compatible with eClinicalWorks? Or with all EHRs? 

Reference: Please check with eClinicalWorks on this question. Some vendors promote CECity, I am unsure if eCW is one of them.

8. What websites do we use to attest to Meaningful Use?

MediCare Program:
MediCal Program:





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