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Meaningful Use Attestation Support

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This service is aimed for those practices that can achieve Meaningful Use on their own and require assistance for attestation for their incentive monies. As a part of this service, Meaningful Use Attestation Experts provide a money-back guaranteed timely attestation, and we take all the hassles of attestation away from the practice. 


  • Complete attestation help for Medicare / Medicaid.
  • Timely attestation guaranteed.
  • Money-back guarantee if you do not get paid.
  • $500 for the first provider; $250 for each additional provider.

 Product Description:

  1. The practice should have already met their meaningful use measures.
  2. Once the practice has met meaningful use, they can contact Meaningful Use Experts at (800) 409-0096.
  3. A dedicated Meaningful Use Expert is assigned to your practice and contacts you within one business day.
  4. The Meaningful Use Expert will call the practice to start the attestation process by doing an initial audit to identify your requirements.
  5. Based on the initial audit, we will then identify the documents and reports required for attestation.
  6. The Meaningful Use Expert will then work with you to collect the information needed for attestation.
  7. The assigned consultant will work with the clinic to submit the attestation.
  8. All the reports for attestation will be stored for next year’s attestation and emailed to the practice manager.

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