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Single-Incident Meaningful Use Support


The MU Compliance support services we provide have one aim in mind: to help the provider and the practice to achieve compliance with meaningful use Stages 1 and 2, and receive their incentive money.


  • Complete resolution of 1 Meaningful Use issue per clinic.
  • Can be on any EHR.
  • Money-back guarantee (if we don't resolve it, we pay you back).
  • Priced at only $150.
  • Can upgrade to any other Meaningful Use Support service, and apply your fee to new service.


 Product Description

With this service, you get Meaningful Use Stage 1 and 2 help from a dedicated MU expert on any specific MU incident Stage 1 and 2, on any EHR. Our MU expert provides guaranteed resolution of your issue. Here’s how it works:

  1. A Practice can call us at (800) 409-0096 with a specific Meaningful Use Stage 1 or 2 incident or issue. Payment can be made over the phone or through the store on the website.
  2. A ticket is opened with our Customer Support, and a dedicated MU expert is assigned to the issue.
  3. The MU expert calls you back within one business day.
  4. The MU expert works with the client team to identify the main cause of the issue.
  5. Based on the analysis, the MU Expert will then recommend a solution and work with the practice to resolve the problem.
  6. In cases where we recommend a solution, the assigned expert will stay in touch with the clinic to assure resolution.
  7. If a resolution is not reached for whatever reason, we reimburse the practice the fee paid.
  8. If a practice wants to upgrade at any time to another Meaningful Use service, their fee can be applied toward the new service.






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